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Divorce mediation is the practical approach for couples planning to separate or divorce. In mediation, couples will meet with an experienced mediator who facilitates the voluntary agreements that the couple makes together. During the process, the couples will address, discuss and resolve all the issues that remain outstanding in their marriage, and reduce same into a written agreement. Because the mediated setting is relaxed though structured, it allows couples to negotiate with each other in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, in a comfortable and considerate setting. For these reasons and many others, mediation has been proven to be a more cost effective, less stressful, and faster alternative to a contested divorce.

Mediation is not about winners and losers. It’s about helping couples reach agreements that are not only in their own best interests but also in the best interests of their children as well. Mediation supports couples who no longer desire to be married to maintain a healthy and productive co-parenting relationship with regard to their children.

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